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Are players responding to the FedEx Cup? We have 4 charts that tracks their participation. 
Explanation and Charts!

The ADT has not produced what the tour wanted. See our charts!

These are not world or international ratings, they are the first seasonal
"National Championships
Points Rankings." Started 2003

Score and Participation!

The system is very simple. Basically after adjusting the scores for a fair comparison, including amateur and professional players who are "CUT", we just add up their scores.

As in any sport, if a player does not enter an event, they are given a zero. In golf this means they get the highest score. This is because they have not proven their score would have been better than the highest score played. Therefore they are assigned the highest score of the event, plus 1 stroke per round. Thus to be champion, a pro golf player  must play in as many events as needed to get to the top. And we get to watch more of the better players play more often.

This may not seem fair to players not entering an event, but it is the only way to be fair to all players  and keep them all on one list.
Find out why it is fair and right!

The problems created by the 2007 Cup and the solution.
A third tour? The Men's Open Field?

The PGA Tour will lose at least 120 members during the 2007 season

The Guidelines we used were that we included all open field events except those that became part of the FedEx Cup playoffs and the International which has become the AT&T Championship, an invitational event.
As we see it this enables Tiger and the Commissioner to invite a lot of non PGA Tour players making Tiger's points worth more as it reduces points of his competitors relative to his. We look for Tiger to get this event upgraded to a WGC event in the next year or two to make his points even more valuable. The rest are all now listed as major events,

Who Are This Years Pro Golf Rankings Iron Champions for 2007?

The owner of this site also owns TFBTJ Calenda™

We have added rankings for the 2007 Cup events as played in 2004, 2005 and 2006.
We used the 34 events leading to the final 4.
See link at bottom of championships and ranking pages.

We want to see all the Top 40 money players play as often as the rest of the best players do! This site is designed to encourage that.
Our ranking, by default, measures both a players ability and TV time.
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Special notice!

I started this website for my wife who was a steadfast golf fan. My wife had 16 spinal surgeries and in later part of 2007 the pain again got very bad and I stopped working on the site to care for her. She passed away January 2008. I have not anything sense then,
I am leaving  the site as she last saw it as a memorial to her.
How and why we split the Men's tour into two tours. One 31 and the other 17 events.

Men's Majors National:
8/12/07  2007 
Points Leader
Vijay Singh
16th time #1

Top 100 ~ All Players

Iron Woman National:
8/26/07 2007 PGR
Points Leader
Mi Hyun Kim
Third time #1!
Top 100 ~ All Players 
ADT Points

Iron Woman International:
7/29/07 2007 Points Leader
Lorena Ochoa
time #1
Top 100 ~ All Players

Iron Woman American:
8/26/07 2007 17 Events
Points Leader 
Emily Bastel
Second time! #1
Top 100 ~ All Players


Iron Man American:
9/16/07  2007 Points Leader
Roland Thatcher
Eight time! #1
Top 100 ~ All Players


Iron Man Fifty Plus:
9/16/07 2007
 Points Leader
2007 Jay Haas
17th Time # 1
Top 100 All Players

Iron Man Grand Master:
9/2/07 2007 Points Leader
Gil Morgan GM
10th Time # 1
Top 100   All Players
See our new rules!

The 2007 FedEx Cup:
9/16/07  2007 PGR
Points Leader
Vijay Singh
30th time! #1
Top 100 ~ All Players  
FedEx Points

Men's Fall Series:
9/23/07  2007 Champion 

Top 100 ~ All Players
Other Tours
Note:  A history of the Top 5 leaders for this year can be found by clicking on the top link for each tour.

The problems created by the 2007 Cup and the solution.  
A third tour? The Men's Exempt National?

We give you our prediction on how good a golf tournament will be! 

We now rank golf equipment by who uses it!  

Changing Golf
Equipment Ranking Rating Field strengths

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