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We did it!

Our goal has been to increase the participation of the best  golf players in the pro tours.
We determined in 2003 the only way to accomplish this was to have a season long points system. None was found. 

In 2003 we created our own season long points system. 
This is a ranking system

We contacted both the major tours many times.

We wrote letters to the tours and to the players, sent emails and made many phone calls. . We made many, many entries on the Ladies Professional Golf Association forum when they had one. None of this got any response.

Until November 2005
 We got what we wanted!

The end result will be better golf
but fewer players in 2007!

What we did in spring of 2005!

After two years we realized that the best pro players made so much money  they were not going to play every event. That is why in the spring of 2005 we started splitting the tours. This reduces the number of events a player needs to play in.
We split the ladies tour into two parts, USA events and global events. 
For the men we created a third tour between the PGA Tour and the Nationwide Tour. 

What the Tours did in fall of 2005!

In the fall of 2005 both major tours 0announced points systems. Isn't that just a little more than coincidental that after 100+ years that both have followed our lead? The Ladies system is too complicated for the average fan to bother with. Even the players are speaking out against it. 

The men have created a heavily weighted points system. This system has very large numbers at the top which enables big name players to get enough points to make up for not entering a lot of tournaments. Just like our system it does have a penalty for not playing in an event, In the FedEx Cup a player gets  zero points, whereas in ours they get the highest score. Same bottom line affect, except they get no bonus for winning in our system because ours system shows exactly what their relative skill is.

This has created a Problem for the men.

We have the Solution

Changing Golf?
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