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May 2003
It is our hope that these Pro Golf Rankings Iron Championships become very important. When they do, we will see the very best players every week. To make that happen there needs to be a large enough prize paid to the top 100 players to make it worth their effort to play weekly. Here is our suggestion.  If a sponsor contributes $6,000,000 for a purse. That is $1,000,000 for first place and $10,000 for 100th. The TV ratings would skyrocket and the galleries would be packed to the last tree.

A potential sponsor only needs to watch a NASCAR race for half an hour to realize how many times their name would be mentioned.

This is why we created the
"Pro Golf Rankings Iron Championships ".

  If one of the major sponsors held an awards banquet like NASCAR, think of the excitement of seeing your favorite player in the top 10. WOW!.

Any purse put together for an annual basis should be under the control of some widely accepted golfing organization.

When these Championships exceed the importance of the Nextel cup, sponsors will be bidding to put up the largest purse. Unless they locked in early.

When we started  out we generated some interesting overall statistics for 2002.


We did a comparison to see the Fall Finish for 2004 to see how it would have come out using our ranking system for those 11 events. We anticipated Vijay would win as he did for the regular season championship. However he only played 6 events instead of the 9 Dean did. He was only 7 strokes over Dean with the average penalty for not playing being 47. The comparison. 

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