Ranking Americas' Best
   Professional Golf Players
Why Pro Golf Rankings?

Better Rankings:
Based On Facts!

Our goal is to see more of the best players.

The results may surprise you.

Like other sports that have found fact based rankings work best, we base our final championship rankings on a full season of competition. Real leaders and champions are named based on their scores and their ability to repeat championship play.

Which pro golfer really plays better? We let the facts speak for themselves.

A player who only plays great five or six times a year, may not really be as great a player as the one who competes regularly.

Why do these stats produce these kind of charts?

How quickly can a players position or points change?

Points Change Chart

Position change Chart

When we started  out we generated some interesting overall statistics for 2002.

The Pro Golfers with the physical stamina and mental focus to maintain their skill to play consistently most often over an entire season are the best golf players.

Pro Golf Rankings compares your favorite pro golfers based on the facts, while other rating systems compare opinions.

They all have some personal opinion buried in their math and are therefore just their personal rating, not a ranking.

We find the real and rising stars among professional golf players by balancing performance and participation. We are the only easily understood and unbiased ranking of professional golf players in the world.

Future Super Stars

We think our top five are the super stars of tomorrow. They deserve recognition for their hard work. 
Pro Golf Rankings delivers that recognition.

If you want to see step by score calculation example, Click here.  Why this is a fair calculation

How we calculate the average score.

Consistency Counts
Our Top 100 are the loyal and consistent supporters of the tours who play the best and most often over an entire season. 

They are the framework that holds up the tours, like skyscrapers  need a steel frame to hold them up, the tours need the iron men and women of PRO Golf.

We believe the non super stars deserve recognition. Without them providing the full field there would be no #1 ranking for the Super Stars as there would be no one to compare them to.

Under our system, just like any other player who only plays occasionally, Super Stars are affected by the fact they do not play very often. Whereas in rating systems that are based on and use personal opinion they can be rated at the top.

In any other sport if a player fails to appear for an event they get a zero.
You cannot do that in golf.
What you can do is give the highest score in any round plus 1 stroke. This is the same as giving a zero in any other sport.

Why Fair
Changing Golf
Equipment Ranking Rating Field strengths

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