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How do we calculate our average scores?

These Rankings are calculated by our Registered Copyright and Patent Pending scoring system.

Our ranking order.
1. Lowest average per event golf score based on our calculations. 
2. Most events entered.
3. Most rounds played.
4. Most playoff wins.
5. Most events won.
6. Most Top Tens.
7. Fewest Cuts.
8. Highest Winnings.
9. Lowest total score.

If you want to see a step by score calculation example, Click here. (Being revised)

December 2005
we changed from the 2002-2003 method of lowest total score to the lowest average per event and it's affect.
The original scoring system benefited players in 3 round events over players in 5 round events. We wanted our system to be fair to all players. We have recalculated 2004 and 2005. 2002 and 2003 will be done at a layer date. The players who enter the most often rose slightly in ranking.

Back to Step 1.

We have simplified how we calculate the event average!

Why the change and the affect.

`Step 1.
The lowest total golf score for each round is adjusted to 72.  All other scores for that round are then relatively adjusted.
Step 2.
The maximum score for each round is determined. We then add 1 stroke to that score. This is the "did not play score" or "DNPS" for that round and is used for players that either could not or choose not to play that round. 
See why this is fair!

Step 3.
If a playoff occurs, the winners final total score for this event  is reduced by 1. I.E., it becomes 287 instead of 288 for 4 rounds or 215 instead of 216 for 3 rounds.
That is 1 stroke subtracted for each extra hole not tied or won.

Step 4.
If there are multiple players in a playoff and the event distributes the purse by how they finish, we will adjust the scores accordingly. This will be mandatory to qualify for the stroke reduction bonus

Step 5.
The "did not play score" for the initial rounds is used for players who choose not to enter the event.
The "did not play score" for the final rounds is used for both players who are cut and for players who choose not to enter the event.
Step 6.
All the rounds f or all players and non -players are then totaled for each player. The lowest score is then adjusted to # of rounds times 72. The total score for the event is then divided by the number rounds in this event to get the average per round score for this event and is called the Event Average
Step 7.
The event averages for all events for the year are then averaged together to get the annual average. This is then used to rank the players. The lowest average for the year is declared the champion for that tour.
Step 8.
For those events that conduct a "Saturday Morning Money Swing-out" they should designate the winner as position #100 and the others as 101 through their finishing position. We will add 1 stroke for each of these positions. This will only affect the scores in step 5. This will be mandatory to qualify for the  stroke reduction bonus

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