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March 2003:
My wife is an avid golf fan. I am an avid NASCAR fan. She complained that I got to watch all my favorite drivers because they show up every week. She says all her favorite players do not show up every week My response was they had to in order to win the national championship just like any other sport. Her reply, "There is no National championship".. I looked at the situation and found lots of good individual championships, but not any overall national championship for all the regular tournaments. Nothing that encourages all the players to show up every week.
Thus, I developed a scoring system that I believe accomplishes this. The lady in this house now wants the rankings processed after every tournament as soon as I put in all the scores. She wants to see if her favorite players have moved up or down in the standings.

I am now a golf fan.
Flipping channels constantly.

Bear in mind I am an outside observer that sees things from a different viewpoint and I have a tendency to express my personal point of view whenever I feel it is justified.
Please note:
When golf is on, she watches it on the 27" TV and I watch racing on the 13" in my office, except for the Daytona 500. 

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