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Why Is The Highest Score Fair For A
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But it is fair!
Here is the real logic. In addition to racing for me and golf for my wife, we both enjoy Olympic ice skating. In that sport the goal is a perfect 10. If you slip and keep going, you may get a 9. If you fall but complete your turn you may get a 4 for effort. If you stop and do not complete your turn, you get the worst possible score, a 0. If you miss the bus and do not show, a 0. In a open gymnastics met if there are a 100 registrations and you are not there when your number is called you get a 0. These sports are judged by what a player does.
Golf is no different. It is judged by what a player does.
How far does the player drive?
How often does the player hit the green?
How good does the player putt? Etc. Etc.

And just as in any sport judged on what a player does a player who falters should get a poor score.
If a player gets disqualified or withdraws, or misses the tee time, or does not make it to the event they should be given the worst score possible. This is the world wide standard for all sports in comparing players at an event. Golf must be expected to be treated the same. In any other sport that would be a 0. But in golf that is not possible. 

In fact, if golf was to be an Olympic sport, they would be judged by our ranking system.

The Final Logic:
No one figured how to give them the worst score until we came along. The worst score is the highest score of any player plus one stroke per round so that their score is higher than the worst actual player. A player is "CUT" from the final round by missing by 1 stroke. A player getting a DQ or missing an event "CUTS" themselves by 1 stroke. We have figured out how to reduce all the opinions to a simple addition that is FAIR to all. Just like any other sport!
A very big thanks to a user on a forum who made me think back to my original logic.
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