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Will the 2007 FedEx Cup points system be fair?
The 2007 FedEx Cup points is a position and event weighted points system.
 2007 FedEx Cup point distribution system. Standings: 2004, 2005, 2006, 20072007 playoffs
Final FedEx purse distribution

The FedEx Cup system is unfair to all the players!
Here is why:

When Tiger wins by 8 strokes as he did in the American Express Championship, how is that fair to Tiger that the second place player gets the same points as if he had won by 1 stroke. What incentive does that give to put on the great show that he did, why not just coast? How is that fair to all the other players that only lost to the winner by 1 stroke or in a playoff. and they just get the same points.

In the John Deere Classic the last (80th) place money winner (FedEx Cup) was 6 strokes behind the 79th place money winner. Yet he gets the same FedEx Cup points as any other player who would have been 1 stroke behind 79th place.
That is not fair to all the other players either!

Pro Golf Rankings system

Our system has none of those problems  How a player plays is the score he gets. If he doesn't play because he cannot compete, too bad.

They should have uses a ranking system like ours!

The PGA was looking for a sponsor for the Fall Series to put up a purse of $5,000,000. None has been found.
It is our opinion that these 7 will die a slow death. We do not anticipate that there will be more than the last five places to be determined.

The "Cup" Points rating list has all full tour members and will load slowly. 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.

To see how we handled Cup points in 2006
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