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How should the purse be distributed?

What's wrong with current golf purse distributions?  Every tour and many events uses a different system of complicated  percentages of the gross purse to determine the  prize distribution. 
See purse distribution
for Official PGA Tour purse distribution for the events they control.
These systems are all weighted to give extra money to the top 30 players at the expense of the rest of the players. We found the actual player prize money almost matches a curve where the prize at each position equals the first place prize divided by the position of the player. Click here to see this  purse distribution curve found in 2002. It is very similar. There is a better way.

PGA Tour Purse Distribution

The Official Pro Golf Rankings Iron Championship  Purse Distribution,
Formula and rules.

1.  The purse must be distributed to the top 100 players.
2.. The prize money at any position is determined by dividing the first place prize by the players position.
3. Except second and third place. Second is 60% of first and third is 40% of first . This makes it easy for the fans to calculate. 1-5 are 100%, 60%, 40%, 25%, 20% of first place and so on down.

Playoff players will get 1st 2nd third and so on place.

4. Ties at position 100 are eliminated by use of the: "Saturday Morning Money Swing-out"

With purse money disconnected from the cut we could have some additional excitement! A sudden death playoff of all players tied for the 100th place to see who gets paid what!
This playoff would start after those players who made the cut have completed the first hole. These players will have positions 101, 102, 103, 103, and 105, and etc and be paid accordingly.


Why use our payout?
This distribution does take a small amount from the top 30 players and give to all the rest of the players. But we need to give the rising and exciting new stars and the slowing falling stars some funds to give us something to cheer for and keep us coming for old memories!

The purse should not be used to determine the CUT! The CUT can be any number, but the payout should go to the top 100 players even if they do not make the cut. See our comments and suggestions on "The CUT"

Bonus Score Reduction!
Players in events that adopt the Pro Golf Rankings Iron Championship Rankings Purse Distribution will receive a 6 stroke reduction per round (Maximum 24 per event) in their scores for that event.
  In the event of a tie in position the prizes are combined and divided equally.
These events must also have all full field rounds before the final round. Any player can have a super day, thus averaging to score good enough to make the cut. Any great player can have a really bad day and miss the cut. But no great player will have two bad days and no lower ranked player will have two super days. Therefore all the best players will always play the final round,. This equals more playoffs.

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