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Why is the cut tied to the purse?

The CUT should not be tied to the purse!

     The CUT is now determined by the governing body as the top 70 and ties. They are now considering changing that. WE support the "closest to top 70 players" rule.
The TV networks also have some say in the size of the cut, along with starting times, so that they can televise the players they want to.


Ties at the CUT!    
As the quality of the overall field increases, the number of players tied at the cut is going to increase. This will allow more players to compete.

 The tournaments need the latitude to select any acceptable number for the final cut based on what is best for course conditions, sponsors, and TV without regard to the purse.

 They like 66, 72, 78 or 84, because these numbers are divisible by both 2 and 3 for the number of players in a group. 

   The probability of a first place ties increases dramatically at the magic  number of 84 for a final cut.

It is our conclusion that if the best 120 players were allowed to enter a tournament and the final cut made as high as 96 there would be a 80 % chance of a 3 way tie and a 30% chance of a 4 way tie.

More players, more excitement!  And no one player would dominate.

See our comment on the purse payout versus the cut.

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