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What events are used for the
Iron Woman American 2003 Championship?

Pro Golf Rankings Iron Championship Rankings© Tournaments for 2003

The tournaments we use for Iron Woman American are selected from the FUTURES Golf Tour.

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Number Date 2003 Iron Woman American Tournaments
1 3/16/03 Lakeland FUTURES Golf Classic
2 3/28/03 Florida Hospital FUTURES Golf Classic
3 4/06/03 Tampa Bay's Next Generation FUTURES Golf Classic
4 4/27/03 Frye Chevrolet Classic
5 5/04/03 IOS FUTURES Golf Classic
6 5/11/03 Isleta Casino & Resort FUTURES Golf Classic
7 5/24/03 Northwest Indiana FUTURES Golf Classic
8 6/01/03 Aurora Health Care FUTURES Charity Golf Classic
9 6/08/03 Lima Memorial Hospital Foundation FUTURES Classic
10 6/15/03 Michelob Light FUTURES Charity Golf Classic
11 6/22/03 Bank of Ann Arbor FUTURES Classic
12 7/13/03 Lincoln Financial FUTURES Golf Classic
13 7/20/03 GE FUTURES Professional Golf Classic
14 7/27/03 M&T Bank Loretto FUTURES Golf Classic
15 8/03/03 Hunters Oak FUTURES Golf Classic
16 8/09/03 Betty Puskar FUTURES Golf Classic
17 8/15/03 York Newspaper Company FUTURES Classic

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