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What events are used for the
Iron Woman American 2002 Championship?

Pro Golf Rankings Iron Championship Rankings Tournaments for 2002

The tournaments we use for Iron Woman American are selected from the FUTURES Golf Tour.

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Number Date 2002 Iron Woman American Tournaments
1 2/24/02 Florida FUTURES Golf Challenge
2 3/29/02 Florida Hospital FUTURES Golf Classic
3 4/01/02 El Paso FUTURES Golf Classic
4 4/28/02 Coleman Golf Classic
5 5/05/02 Isleta FUTURES Golf Classic
6 5/12/02 Denver FUTURES Golf Classic
7 5/19/02 Kansas City FUTURES Charity Golf Classic
8 6/02/02 Aurora Health Care FUTURES Charity Golf Classic
9 6/09/02 The Greater Lima FUTURES Open
10 6/16/02 JWA/Michelob Light FUTURES Charity Golf Classic
11 6/23/02 Grand Rapids FUTURES Classic
12 6/30/02 Ann Arbor FUTURES Classic
13 7/07/02 Capital Region FUTURES Classic
14 7/14/02 Green Mountain FUTURES Golf Classic
15 7/21/02 Lincoln FUTURES Golf Classic
16 7/28/02 M&T Bank Loretto FUTURES Golf Classic
17 8/04/02 Hewlett Packard Garden State FUTURES Summer Classic
18 8/11/02 Betty Puskar FUTURES Golf Classic
19 8/18/02 York Newspaper Company FUTURES Classic

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